Employee Relations : Human Resource Management Essay

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Employee Relations

Understanding organization dynamics is essential for leadership at all levels. The culture within an organization determines how a company operates and functions on a day-to-day basis. The existence of an organization is influenced by the established culture of the organization. Human Resource Management (HRM) professionals are vital when it comes to understanding the internal distinctions of an organization. HRM strategies are deliberate plans organizations use to remain competitive.

Employee relations are fundamental in any organization. Managing employer-employee relationships results in increased employee contentment and morale (Reed & Bogardus, 2012). Fair and consistent treatment to all employees produces job commitment and company loyalty. This paper will address concepts that directly relate to employee relations such as rights and responsibilities, value system within the company, business strategies and how they impact business performance and when arbitration versus mediation is more effective when facing organizational conflict.

Employee Rights, Responsibilities and Due Process

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) affords certain rights for employees who are interested in joining unions. Improving working conditions and improving wages are traditionally the two major concepts behind employees joining the union. Examples of employee rights include: (1) Forming, or attempting to form, a union in your workplace; (2)…

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