Essay Employee Programs For Employees And Employees

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Employee Programs
Employees who comply with regulations get the job done, but committed employees do a better job. Frankel (1992) describes coaching as a style of management that is participative and consultative. Coaching is a way of identifying goals and developing an understanding on how they are to be attained by both managers and employees. Performance management is important in organizations as it brings an aspect of accountability to employees, therefore, improving their skills in the long run (Heinrich, 2004). The Office of Disability Employment Policy, ODEP, (2009) defines employee assistance programs as programs set up in workplaces to assist workers identify and resolve concerns that affect their work performance at the personal level – thus, helping both the employer and employee. These programs include education on handling addictions, stress, and mental health, dealing with violence in the workplace, and health and wellness programs (ODEP, 2009).
In order to achieve the maximum performance, the three aspects of coaching, performance management, and wellness of employees need to be addressed (ODEP, 2009). This discussion shall focus on these three aspects by comparing the programs being offered at Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority, Virgin, and American Express.
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) offers public transportation services in Austin, Texas. Capital Metro was established in 1985 and has over 1,000 permanent employees.…

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