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The following is intended to represent a summary of NASSCO benefits. By implementing the correct SWP (Strategic Workforce Planning Systems) by ultimate objective is to understand our workforce dynamics so that talent can be managed proactively to ensure that future business goals are met.
Should there be conflict between this information and that appearing in plan documents or summary plan descriptions, provisions in the plans will apply. NASSCO may alter or discontinue these benefits at any time, with or without notice.
The following are proposed benefits available for our workforce.

Health care
A variety of medical and dental options are available to cover the majority of your health care
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SIMNSA Medical Plan: offers medical, dental and vision insurance for our employees we took a realistic look at how healthcare needs differed when a border was crossed. Could care be acquired by employees and their families at home in Mexico, while also protecting them from emergencies in the U.S. We believed it could be obtained. And so we set a high goal to bring quality and cost-effective healthcare to both the employer and their cross-border workforce. Supplemental insurance
And because cash is always welcome in the event of sickness or injury, we know the protection Aflac offers will continue to be in demand. After all, Aflac is highly valued by, a country that has long had a national health care system in place.
Aflac is intended to supplement major medical insurance. Aflac policies help our employees to cover expenses such as their mortgage payments, utilities and car payments in the event of injury or illness. In other words, the bills major medical insurance doesn’t pay, but that arrive even if they are sick or hurt. With Aflac, can concentrate on what’s really important “getting well”.

Income protection and survivor benefits. You are eligible for coverage if you are a full-time salaried employee. Currently, NASSCO offers its salaried employees the following life insurance benefits: •Life Insurance
•Disability Insurance - Short and Long Term

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