Essay on Employee Morale And Customer Satisfaction

1397 Words Dec 15th, 2016 6 Pages
DrainGo is facing significant issues with employee morale and customer satisfaction, which directly impacts the company’s bottom line. The low morale is a result of a poorly designed business model, where the tasks required of employees are not properly aligned with the skillset of these individuals. The most evident misalignment, is that of the order processing clerks, who are not properly trained to assess the complexity of each job, resulting in the improper allocation of resources to jobs. These order processing clerks might be competent individuals, but they are forced to adhere to a faulty process in which they ask customers detailed questions they are unable to explain in detail. This lack of knowledge is frustrating to customers, which is apparent as 25% of the potential customer base never schedules an appointment for service after speaking to the order processing team. Furthermore, when a plumbers or plumber’s assistant is misallocated to a job, there is significant downstream impacts to both the field worker and the billing representative, who are forced to handle angry customers. The billing representatives are forced handle an astronomically high number of customer complaints during the billing process, since 40% of the customers are dissatisfied with either the high bill or having to reschedule the work. It is also evident many employees on the billing team do not have the emotional intelligence to handle this mentally taxing process. As indicated, the…

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