Employee Management And Risk Management Essay

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Bartender/Risk Management Training
As noted in the letter from April 20, 2015, we will schedule a bartender/risk management training with the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life prior to having a social event with alcohol. A mutually agreeable date will be finalized in fall 2017 with the goal of completing the program by the fourth week of the New Member Experience. Additionally, we will provide documentation confirming the successful completion of the workshop to the Office of Student Conduct.

Recruitment Plan – Mary Belvin

Risk Management Plan
Managing risks means minimizing and, if possible, eliminating any situation that jeopardizes property or a person’s health, safety or emotional well-being. Within each chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, the Risk Management Chairman is responsible for assisting officers and chapter members in following all Risk Management Procedures and policies to minimize risks to an individual or property.

Each Risk Management Chairman works with her designated adviser and/or Risk Management Specialist to fulfill her responsibilities and ensure proper policies and procedures are followed.

Risk Management Chairman Leadership Guide
To help educate and support the Risk Management Chairman in her responsibilities, a manual is provided that details her role as well as steps she can take to minimize risk. This guide is meant to serve as a resource when planning events and also provides ideas for handling…

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