Employee Handbook Essay

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Employee Handbook
ABC Ltd. by BRIGHT CONTRACTS www.brightcontracts.ie Professional software that lets you create tailored employment contracts and sta handbooks.
Handbooks do not replace contracts of employment and should be used in conjunction with a contract!


1 Introduction
1.1 Welcome
1.2 Purpose of this Handbook
1.3 Company Background and Mission Statement
1.4 Employment Records
1.5 Data Protection

2 Company Policies and Procedures
2.1 Disciplinary Procedures
2.1.1 Purpose of Policy
2.1.2 Scope
2.1.3 Policy
2.1.4 O ences Misconduct Gross Misconduct
2.1.5 Procedures Informal Counselling Formal Disciplinary Procedure
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This document outlines the general Terms and Conditions of Employment and is a con dential document between you and LauraM (hereinafter called The Company). Please read this Statement carefully and sign it. This signi es your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions under which you are employed. You should retain a copy of this document and a second copy will be retained by The Company.

1.2 Purpose of this Handbook
This handbook contains company information and a summary of The Company policies which are correct at the date of print. You should note

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