Essay about Employee Career Development And Training

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I interviewed a director at our campus. She places a high value on employee career development and training. Unfortunately, our school does not offer room to move up, and staff have been downsized due to budget cuts. This is at the staff/administration level and not at the faculty level. We do not have an established training program for staff, but utilize on the job training. The only way for an employee to advance in professional development is to get a grad degree and move into a teaching position. This director mainly addressed my questions from the viewpoint from her manager role at another company.
The director explained her and other senior management encouraged and assisted in internal promotions or transfers. Many people do not want to move positions unless it is a promotion, but in order to build your resume, it is good to learn new skill sets. She also used a skills assessment software program called SAP Success Factors. We also have a similar program at our campus. Functional competency and value-based competency goals are set with input from the employee and manager. This provides clear and continuous communication about roles and accountability. The employee’s individual goals are aligned with the organization’s goals. The employees are actively involved in planning the goals. The program assists organizations in promoting or retaining their valuable employees. It helps the employees to realize they have a responsibility in strengthening their job security and…

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