Employee Behavioral Problem Between Managers And Co Workers Essay

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Introduction It is a known fact that a happy workplace environment leads to happier employees which in turn leads to a more productive and innovated business (1). Golden Krust is a fairly new company that specializes in Jamaican Cuisine. Within in their first year, Golden Krust has had a very steady flow of business and has made a name of having the best Jamaican food in the area. Despite this aspect of success, the sole negative issue that is plaguing this company is the behavior of the staff. Customers and employees alike have complained on numerous occasions about the conduct of the employees. Due to the fact that this is their only issue, it would be wise to spend a considerable amount of time and resources tackling this problem.

The purpose of this report is to recommend a solution to the employee behavioral problem and to increase positive and appropriate relations between managers and co-workers alike.

Scope In this report, I will not only discuss the actual behavior problems but also make a recommendation on how to ratify these issues. The main focus is on Manager and employee relations. The three topics that cause the most complaints are: bullying, inappropriate behavior and language, and workplace confidentiality. I will not focus on the personal and demographic information of the employees such as culture, financial situations, or mental and emotional health issues. I will also not discuss anything business related like sales.

Assumptions My…

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