Employee Attitudes Towards Security Or Job Essay

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Section Two: Employee attitudes towards security or job sercurity.
The picture of Canada as revealed through a research by the Fraiser Institute as follows; according to Lamman et al (2013 p 35) some data was complied for job losses in 2013 for Canada as a whole and all the provinces. There were numerous reasons that include firms moving locations, firms going out of business, changing business conditions, and dismissal. Lamman et al displayed statistics to say 3.6 percent of those employed in the private sector experienced job loss in Canada, compared to only 0.7 percent of those employed in the public sector. All in all, public sector lost less jobs than the private setor did. The case of Canada is just a prove that they are many factors that can cuase attitudes in the workplace that include attitudes towards job security in both the public and private sector.
Vinthessonthi (2005, p 65) in the research - A Perception-Based View of the Employee: A Study of Employees’ Reactions to Change, the conclusion was it is possible that job security or insecurity might exert an influence on employees’ reactions to change? It has been proved through a variety of studies that some consistency in the strength or even the direction of the relationships between job security and several work-related decisions observed. As cited in Vinthessonthi, (Westman et al 2001), it is revealed that there is a relationship between job security and burnout. As a result these have a potential to…

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