Employability Skills Case Study

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Name: Morshell Davis

Subject and Grade Level: 9-12th Grade Integrated Business Applications

Unit Title: Employability Skills

1. Identify positive work practices (e.g., appropriate dress code for the workplace, personal grooming, punctuality, time management, organization).
2. Demonstrate positive interpersonal skills (e.g., communication, respect, teamwork).

Objective(s) 1. TSWBAT define appropriate dress code for a school and workplace setting
2. TSWBAT identify appropriate dress code for a business profession
3. TSWBAT explain the effects of not meeting the dress code requirement for an organization such as a school or workplace
Instructional Design
Include what the teacher will be doing AND what
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(I.S. #1 Scenario) TTW ask students to imagine that an important person in their life is on trial for murder because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. You know that the person is innocent and you are doing everything you can to help them get out of jail. You don’t have a lot of money to spend on a lawyer but you want the best that your money can buy. So while searching on the internet you read some reviews about a lawyer located about 30 min from you. He’s cost per hour fits into your budget and his ad states that he will work with you financially. The reviews were good in the sense that everyone said the lawyer really worked hard and won their case, however, there were a few reviews that was negative. The negative reviews said that the lawyer reminded them of Santa Claus. He had lots of white facial hair and he wore a red suit and carried his papers in a
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#2) Each member of the group will have to research and find the appropriate dress attire for a job of their choice. Once they find the appropriate dress attire they must print the picture out with the job title of their choice. One person from the group will then be the interviewer and the other person will be the interviewee. The first interviewee will give his or her picture to the interviewer so the interviewer could interview him or her. The picture will represent the dress attire for the interviewee. However, the interviewer will base the interview on his or her job choice. (Ex. The interviewer job choice may be a construction worker, but the interviewee job choice will be a lawyer. So the interviewee picture will consist of a person dress up, which will be to dress for an interview for a construction worker position.) The interviewer will let the interviewee know if they are appropriately dress for the position they are interviewing for. Now the partners will switch off and the interviewer will become the interviewee and vice versa. After partners with the first round of interview the whole class will switch partners and will continue switching for at least five rounds. 20

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