Empirical Development Of A Middle Range Theory Of Caring Essay

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Summary: According to Kristen M. Swanson (RN, PhD, FAAN), the sixth dean of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing and Associate Chief Nursing Officer for Academic Affairs at UNC Hospitals, proposed on her article “Empirical Development Of a Middle Range Theory of Caring (1991)” that the study of inductively derived and validated a middle-range theory of caring through phenomenological investigation in three separate perinatal contexts demonstrate not only the definition of caring, but also illustrate five caring processes or categories in nursing. These executed simultaneous processes are knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, and maintain belief. The first process, knowing, is striving to recognize an event as it has in the life of the other. Nurses begin with the desirable to understand the individual care, then the nurses-recipient engagement of care occurs. The notation of this process was supported for its external validity by caring in the context of teaching and parenting in the philosophical work of Nodding (1984). For being with, it is being emotionally present (being there) or sharing feeling to the other no matter how joyful or painful. Hence, caring puts significance on patient’s experiences. Nodding (1984) categorized the validation of being with into absence and presence, and she insisted that concentration in others and yearning for their well-being are the sign of presence. Doing for, the third process, is the comprehended doing for the other what they…

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