Emperor Constantine And Alexius 's Moment Of Conversion Essay

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Emperor Constantine, unlike Alexius was not born a Christian, he became a Christian during his life. Eusebius’s description of Constantine’s moment of conversion is a very memorable part of the book: “Knowing well that he would need more powerful aid than an army can supply, he [Contantine] sought a God to aid him…This God he began to invoke in prayer, beseeching and imploring him to show who he was, and to stretch out his right hand to assist him in his plans…About the time of the Midday sun, when day was just turning, he said he saw with his own eyes, up in the sky and resting over his sun, a cross-shaped trophy formed from light, and a text attached to it which said, ‘By this conquer’.” Here, we can see the similarity and parallel analogy between the two emperors Constantine and Alexius quite easily. They were both not only inspired by God in their battles, but they also had God on their sides supporting them, as shown by the symbol of the sacred trophy for Constantine and as shown by the sayings of the prophetic patriarch for Alexius.
There is however, an essential difference between the relationship of Christianity with the emperors in the two texts. The text by Eusebius is much more religious in nature than the text by Anna Comnena. This most likely has to do with the fact that Eusebius of Cesarea was a famous bishop during his time. The bishop puts very high regard on Christians and their morality in his text as well, something that I did not observe while studying…

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