Empathy Case Study

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1. What is empathy?
 Empathy is putting yourself on others situation and also understanding what other feel and their emotions.
2. Can you state what problem is in this scenario?
 The problem on this scenario is about why Wilson Reyes haven’t been promoted in the job even if he is capable and he is tenured enough for promotion. 3. How many years has it been since Wilson joined CTQ&A Ltd.?
 It’s been 5 years since Wilson joined CTQ&A Ltd.
4. Describe Wilson and his work attitude in your own words.
 Wilson Reyes is apathetic person which is he lacks of understanding on his costumer and but also for his teammates. He is not a flexible person he just settles for his capabilities. He lacks of self-confident.
Lack of interaction with
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Differentiate empathy from sympathy (provide example).
 Empathy is putting yourself on others situation while sympathy is understanding the lack of others and their emotions

7. Do you think similar experiences occur in real life? If yes, site example.
 For me yes, example in a work which is full of skilled workers and more tenured staffs. Sometimes a newly hired staff is being accelerate to be promote because of his skills not for being just skillful but also being good at interaction with others, having good understanding with others and having a good positive characteristic of a staff. By this treats he/she will be promoted.

8. Do you think empathy is a critical aspect of social competence? Why or why not?  For me yes, if you know and aware of any person’s situation and emotion you are a socialize person. We all needed empathy to gain social competence one of the example is interacting with friends. If you are apathetic person you will gain less friends and can have a good communication and interaction with others, so social competence is important by means of understanding others situation and feel their emotions. 9. Is there a connection between person’s social competence and his/her leadership capacity? Explain your
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You should also be patient on them from their attitude and their actions. Love them and give them importance and they will show you their strivings to make their task successful.
10. Can you think of a similar situation in the past that showed your capacity for empathy? What did you learn from that situation?
 *For me seeing old man in the street having his instrument played and asking for money just for food. For myself if I were in his situation I have no idea what to do when I belong to street children. I feel amaze onto him because he plays instrument and asking a little help for food.
I think if I am on his situation can I do the same? So what I did is bought him a value meal for his lunch and give him the change of my money. In return he plays a music through his instrument through that music I feel motivate and energized. So every time I saw him and I

have money I bought him food if not I just give him P10.00 or even
 *For me having been work as extra bus boy in a restaurant for almost a year. Having an experienced I hope that I would be able to promote to duty every Saturday and Sunday but my expectations fail because

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