Emotions : The Keys Of Fulfillment And Well Being Essay example

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Emotions: The Keys to Fulfillment and Well-Being
Helen Keller once said: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” It is a very abstract quote, but one I have no doubt in my mind that she is talking about emotions. It seems, when faced with emotions, people generally have one or two reactions, that they must be restrained and suppressed in some way, or that they should be recognized as a vital aspect to our species. I tend to follow the latter, and by exploring anecdotes from my own life as well as articles from reputed writers and scholars, I hope to confirm what I so have come to suspect is a part of a Higher Truth. Emotions have played a huge role in my past experiences, many of which were not the happiest. I have never been shy about them, and they have made life difficult for me at times. Yet through each one, I realize now in hindsight, how much they could, and DO make life much more meaningful. For example, back in 2005, I was in love with a young man almost ten years my junior. Both of us were very immature, not just with this particular romantic relationship, but with our own lives in general as well. This resulted in a very tumultuous, unhealthy relationship that left me a changed person, in both ways that were both good and bad. I was, to make it short: needy. I needed approval, affection, love. Craving acceptance and love himself, he asked me out and offered it to me. I took his…

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