Emotions, Love, Sadness, And Happiness Essay

1178 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
I have seen this movie many times, and every time I learn something new from it. For obvious reasons this movie is filled with many emotions that the characters go through. Emotions like joy, sadness, love, and happiness are demonstrated all throughout the film. These emotions are presented through the ways the main characters interacted with each other. We see this when June was told that Zach got kidnapped, she felt a level of sadness that cannot be measured. This very sadness was what led to her taking her own life. However, on the bright side, we also see love and joy when Zach came back home, or even when May’s boyfriend asked her to marry him. Nonetheless, the reason I love this movie is because of what it represents. In this movie we are not just watching but we are reliving the stories of the regular people. We get a quick look at what it was like living in the time of the Civil Rights Era through the eyes of the people we don’t hear about in our history books. Through what I consider to be a glimpse of history, we see through the story told that shows the internal strife of a young white girl; a little look of the culture of black people during the 1960s. When I first saw this movie before taking this class I thought it was about race. But now I see that are so many other themes I didn’t see before. === On the surface, this movie is about a young, white, southern girl that shot and killed her mother by accident when she was about four years old. She eventually…

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