Emotions In 'Those Winter Sundays' By Robert Hayden

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We all make mistakes in life; however, it’s never late to apologize. Life is game which we need to learn how to play. The only way to learn is by trying our best. Sometimes we will realize we made the right choices, sometimes we will recognize that we committed a mistake. The best of all it is to overcome our mistakes, and many times that means apologizing. “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden is the best essay I read because the speaker by appealing to the reader’s emotions and through detailed description of his feelings recognizes that he was ungrateful to his dad who dad given him unconditional love. Hayden’s descriptions are extremely vivid and it caught my attention instantly he uses imagery to appeal to the reader’s emotion. …show more content…
By repeatedly using the “oh” sound on the second stanza, the speaker demonstrates his sorrow. It is as if he is crying. Hayden uses assonance to create this effect. Another proof of the father’s unconditional love is that despite the indifference he had from his son, he was taking well care of him. The speaker recognizes it when he says “Speaking indifferently to him, who had driven out he cold and polished my good shoes as well” (10-12). Only a wholehearted love could continually move the father to please, protect and care for an oblivious son. The speaker’s lament is also perceived by the repetition of the sentence “what did I know, what did I know” (13). With this verse he is recognizing that he committed the mistake of not recognizing his dad’s hard work. By repeating this sentence he shows that he didn’t know better back them and that now he can see that he was wrong about being indifferent to his …show more content…
He says, “Sundays too my father got up early” (1) the speaker’s father had to get up early every morning including Sundays when for most people is a day to relax. His dad was putting the family’s needs before his own needs. When the speaker says“…of love’s austere and lonely offices”(14) he is affirming that love is hard and requires selflessness. This is a kind of love not often portrayed in poetry. It gives the reader a chance to look more deeply in the love’s definition. For this reason this poem should stay in the list of readings. Reading about ideal love is comforting and easy; however reading about unconditional love is

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