Emotions In Elie Wiesel's Night

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During the novel Night, Elie went through tremendous misery. By telling this story in first person, Elie causes the reader to feel his emotions and all of the torment he went through during the Holocaust. This time period was not only a dark time to look back on, it was also some peoples entire life. Going from ghetto to ghetto, camp after camp, selection after selection, for many people this was a seemingly endless part of their life and Elie made the reader feel and understand that.

Elie had gone through great suffering like being torn away from everyone he loved except his father. When Elie shared this event with the reader, he showed how awful it was to remember your mother and sister walking away to their death. The way that Elie
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During this two year period Elie had lost his mother, father, and sister to the third riech. Trying to fathom the idea of someone losing so much in so little time is extremely mystifying. Elie explained throughout the passage what it was like to wake up and realize you are all alone. Towards the end of the book, Elie’s father was dying and the morning after he had been taken away Elie found it hard to care. Only later did he regret not crying and praying for his father’s life. Elie couldn’t help being emotionally numb though, he had witnessed so much grief and despair he was immune to the feeling of sadness, but the reader was not. The reader was able to feel the wretched moment that Elie’s father was not laying in bed anymore, they could feel the glum mood that was suffocating Elie. The reader could feel every detail that Elie shared, but Elie could not.

All in all, Elie went through extreme hardships that the reader could only imagine. By the end of the story Elie had the reader feeling everything that he could not. The reader could feel the moment Elie was alone, the instant he was freed of the Nazi, and all of the times that he was dying of starvation, all of these minuscule seemingly meaningless times that Elie shared made the reader get more and more connected to Elie’s

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