Positivism And Deductive Approach

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4 Objectives
The principle objectives in undertaking this research will be to investigate the following:
1. Investigate and identify the relation between emotions and digital media
2. In particular, to explore the congruity between emotions and websites
3. Understand the role of websites on consumers emotion
4. Examine the impact of FMCG websites on consumer emotions and develop recom-mendations for the industry
5 Methodology
5.1 Approach
The approach of this research will be to analyse existing literature to examine the general top-ic and objectives. As Kolb (2008) states, the secondary data supports the research planning process. As pointed out by Saunders et al. (2009) the secondary data provides valuable de-scriptive insights, wherewith
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However, Walliman (2010) notes that the main findings of secondary data are the base for the primary research. Moreover, Bryman (2012) states, the primary data is gained by observation, recording and experiences. In sum, the findings of the primary and secondary research might be necessary to achieve the objectives.
The most appropriate method to collect and analyse data consists of both the philosophy of positivism and deductive approach (see Appendix 1) by using an experimental study. This study includes an experiment and also a quantitative and a qualitative technique such as a questionnaire and supportive
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According to Bryman (2012), style issues such as the question order and also the wording on surveys are obvious problems. Therefore, he suggested that researchers must avoid these kinds of problems. As a consequence, he indicates that these might lead to invalidity of the responses. The negative impact on this specific research will influence the results of the ques-tionnaire and the experiment will be invalid. In addition, some authors confirmed, that relia-bility and validity are constant problems within the research process (Fubara and Mguni, 1995; Bryman,

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