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Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is characterized as an abnormal eating behaviour that has the highest mortality rate, which is up to 12 times higher, due to its life-threatening conditions. Anorexia is one of the main reasons why many women feel awkward in today’s social environment; by affecting their self-esteem teenage girls and young women are often unable to participate in outgoing events as they feel that they no longer “fit” into the society. Anorexia is the main reason for many cognitive disabilities, which creates social awkwardness, such as affects in the neuropsychological domains, one’s emotional health and behaviour. It is important to understand that the state of being of an anorexic is implicated upon them by their mindset.

The neuropsychological
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Generally, people are able to control their emotions, however anorexia is a factor that is able to influence and control one’s emotional health. Being unable to control simple emotions is a risk factor for depression, anxiety and low self-esteem in a social atmosphere. Emotions play an important role in cognition. Poor attention and concentration, and processing speed interfere with performance in cognitive domains. Since emotions are difficult to control as an anorexic teenage girl or young woman, they deal with it on their own by displacing them on their bodies. Having symptoms such as restricting, bingeing, or vomiting or cutting and using substances are all “effective”. They help the individual to cope with the feeling for a short moment. Unfortunately, these “solutions” are only temporary as they do leave permanent marks, and the victim falls back into their same state and the feeling returns. The individual also has to suffer all the negative parts of having anorexia in order to maintain control over unwanted emotions. Another consequence anorexia has over emotions is the using of symptoms to numb or push away emotions. This can result in either over-control or under-regulation of feelings. For instance, if emotions are over-controlled, individuals can end up feeling that they don’t have any normal feelings towards any social situations; or discover that they have shut off …show more content…
Unable to communicate ideas clearly, unable to control an emotion and being unable to control your own behaviour are all causes for what could be considered to be an “embarrassing” moment in the life of an anorexic. Each of these factors all relate back to the victims psychology -the way they think people perceive them, if anything were to be revealed. They may seem as if they have it altogether on the outside, however they are dying on the inside. To conclude, it is important- no matter the mind set and opinions, no matter the hardship or jealousy, no matter the insecurity and self-loathness- it is important for everyone to remember, no matter who, that anorexics should never be looked at through a judgmental lens, since “anorexia is not an illness of the body, but an illness of the mind”- Lynn

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