Emotionally Healthy Spirituality By Peter Scazzero Essay

1251 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
Over the last few years I have heard a common concern arise regarding the stress levels of people in our country, and at the onset I initially placed a lot of responsibility on things such as technology, employers, and the demands of society. Yet, as I pondered this issue, and as more news reports and articles populated about people being their own contributor to stress, I started scrutinizing not only my own life, but also observing others. Our culture has seemed to breed the idea that humans are to glorify status, stuff, and schedules, rather than glorify the Creator of all. In the book titled, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (2006), Peter Scazzero discussed the previously held notion of crafting a rule of life, with the hopes that one could use it as a guide to help place God at the center of their lives. As I went through the process of creating my own plan, the notion of how stress can be self-induced was reiterated, and brought to mind how having God as my core could bring a balance to my life. Scazzero also provided his personal rule of life, and I will weigh in on the elements that comprise it, with the recognition of the individuality each person’s plan will have. As I pondered and laid out different scenarios for my own personal rule of life, I struggled with labeling these new found patterns by using the term “rule”. In reading about what a rule of life is meant to entail, Scazzero (2006) stated that it is “an intentional, conscious plan to keep God at…

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