Essay about Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

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Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
BSHS 385
June 1, 2015
Barbara Hughson
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
When couples get together, the challenges that each experience in life is unknown. This is the excitement that a couple shares as their lives are joined as one. Within their lives together, sometimes they experience challenges in themselves and others, they experience as a couple. These challenges may feel as if they are individual at times but in theory; each challenge is going to effect the relationship that they have built with each other. It takes a commitment to the relationship to be able to reach out to a stranger and ask for guidance for some challenges that are more overwhelming than others. Reaching out for help can
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After some light laughing, Patty gets emotional after speaking of bad past experiences and relationships, opening up to both Susan and Josh. Susan listens and observes the body language between the two. This takes the conversation in a more intimate direction for the couple. Susan encourages the couple to self-disclose during the entire session, however; in this scene, she gets Patty to talk about abusive relationships that start with her father. Susan summarizes Patty's thoughts on being out of her element and afraid of a positive relationship; this was effective because Patty seemed hesitant by the way she looked over at Josh to admit that with Josh present. Susan's was of summarizing it, invited comfort to Patty, realizing that the feelings she has and is experiencing are normal, considering the circumstances.
Susan utilizes the exploration, clarification and action stages in this interview. She talks to Josh and Patty about previous sessions they have had with a counselor Keith. They discuss their experiences, what has worked and what did not work. They discuss that they are there on a Saturday to set this video and utilize it as an example for sharing. They discussed Patty's previous issues of her being raped and how far she has come in her recovery process. Susan summarizes to Patty that a part of action in her recovery process is to take "tiny risks". The session moves into a

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