Emotional Processing And Processing Information Essay

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Emotional processing and processing information are linked to specific areas within the brain. Cognitive neuroscience has had advances that show the processing of emotional information and the network that carries it through cortical and subcortical regions. Some of the networks required for emotional processing are also involved in attentional processing and attentional processes. Attention and emotion are correlated this way. Emotional processing studies recently began considering the pulvinar to have a major role in coordination and coordinating emotional processes. The pulvinar is located in the thalamus and has been observed to play a role in both attention and emotion processes. It is hypothesized that the pulvinar acts as a mediator of the processing of emotions through the colliculo-pulvino-amydgalar pathway. However, the models that observe this hypothesis do not mention a specific type of cognitive mechanism. Often times the pulvinar is sub serving other mechanisms during the processing of emotions. Linking detailed Neuropsychology research together this gap can be pieced together. After linking the detailed Neuropsychology together, the results were compared to neuroimaging findings. This new comparison showed that specific parts of the pulvinar can cause dramatic changes in the attentional processes, but leave the emotional processes alone and unchanged. Impairments in the emotional processes in sequence to lesions in the medial pulvinar could be…

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