Nursing Case Study Mrs. Moore

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For this specific situation the nurse would educated Mrs. Moore about her post-operative therapy then try to narrow down if she is experiencing physical or emotional pain while using empathy to make her feel better about her current situation.
Mrs. Moore just had a radical mastectomy which could cause her to feel that she has lost a part of her which makes her feel feminine. Due to the fact that the patient just experienced an extensive surgery she is most likely experiencing a great deal of pain when trying to complete the tasks the doctor had order for her. However based on her questioning and angered tone of voice it shows that it is possible that she was not properly educated on the post-operative care beforehand as well as afterward.
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The patient should have a well-tuned understanding of what this procedure entails and the physical demand that this required of her.
As a nurse when the patient is aggravated about her situation it is our job diffuse their feelings. For Mrs. Moore due to the tone of her voice the nurse would try to assess if the patient is just experiencing physical or emotional pain. Helping a patient with physical pain is different than emotional pain. For physical pain, medications can be prescribed to help manage the patients’ pain, however for emotional pain the patients need to talk about what they are going through and what they are feeling whether that is with the nurse or with a family member, or a friend. When it comes to having a mastectomy the patient has lost something that makes them feel that a woman and the patient may have to comfort the change in an appearance and learn to adjust to this change. A nurse should empathize with her and show her that you know how she is feeling and let her know there is so much more to her that this surgery cannot take away from her. For example, according to Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses, the nurse would listen to all of Mrs. Moore’s concerns that she has about her situation and use open ended-questions to
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Moore may be able to have her be less aggregative about her current situation and help her give the drive to get better during her recovery. It is important to the nurse to find the underlying problem of the patient to help them be successful. As a nurse we are lucky enough to form such a relationship with the patient that not many people get to

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