Emotional Maturity And Emotional Intelligence Essay

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What exactly is Emotional Maturity and why is it needed? Emotional Maturity or Emotional Intelligence (EI) according to John Mayer is a under social intelligence that allows a person to monitor their own emotions and other’s feelings and to discriminate among them and use the given information to decide further actions. (1) Another way to put it is being able to recognize and manage one’s own and others for improved performance. (2). Emotional Intelligence or EI is broken into 5 subsections that all need to be mastered in order to be successful in EI. The five sections are self-consciousness, self-control, self-motivation, empathy, the final one is dealing with relationships.(1) There are also six levels of emotional maturity. They consist of emotional responsibility, emotional honest, emotional openness, emotional assertiveness, emotional understanding and Emotional detachment. (3).
There is no correct order of importance of the levels of maturity, but the first one is emotional responsibility. At this part of a person’s maturity level, the person cannot blame their emotions on anything. For example, they cannot blame their emotions on people, things, or fate. When the person talks, they should remain emotionless or at least don’t physically show that they are upset or angry. Instead, they should “own” how they feel and give more precise reasons to it. (3) So the person could say “I chose to feel… when you did that, because I chose to think it means that….” (3) Instead…

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