Emotional Maltreatment And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Emotional maltreatment, including emotional abuse and neglect, can lead to seriously long term damage to a child’s emotional development and health. However, the symptoms of emotional abuse is not like physical or sexual abuse, which can be obviously told from fractures or bruise; it is difficult to be recognized and proved if the child is surely suffering in emotional maltreatment with precise evidences. Besides that, the parents or caregiver may not notice they are “abusing” the children emotionally that it is a way of parenting the children. The above mentions about the difficulties of defining emotional maltreatment are especially hard on children because they do not have sufficient ability to describe their problems, and as the children grow up under the environment with severity of emotional maltreatment, they do not think of the tendency about abuse. However, the influences of parents’ emotional maltreatment are tremendously massive to the children than we imagined in every aspects of development which may even more harmful than physical abuse. In the following paragraphs, the detailed information about emotional maltreatment will be demonstrated by the orders of the leading causes, sings of the problems, and the relevant symptoms to the children referring to their physical, mental, and behavioral development.
Emotional maltreatment is a global and universal issue which does not only take place owing to the reasons of economic poor situation or been discovered in…

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