Essay Emotional Intelligence Of A Stay At Home Mother

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Emotional Intelligence of a Stay-At-Home Mother
“Mom where’s my track uniform?” I shouted from my room. “Mom where’s my volleyball uniform?” My sister Hannah yelled from hers. “Ladies your uniforms are in the laundry room folded in your laundry basket where they always are.” My mother calmly shouted back as she was starting her daily routine. Like most families with athletic children we started our days much earlier than most, meaning my mother started hers even earlier and somehow she always knew what we needed. That evening my sister had a tournament and I had my conference track meet. My mother knew exactly which emotions we would be going through, anxiety, urgency, fear, and excitement. She was aware of the mix of emotions would lead to my sister and I to becoming forgetful and with that knowledge she knew what to do to ensure that we had everything we needed when we would need it. My mother possesses strong sense of emotional intelligence. My views on intelligence are closely tied in to Daniel Golemans emotional intelligence, the ability to not only identify but also react to the emotions of oneself as well as others, but also with the ability to think creatively and have a positive impact on the community. Growing up I had always believed that intelligence was linked only to grades and standardized test scores. But I have always felt that it should have been more, that intelligences should not have only been regulated by IQ testing but also by how a person responds…

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