Emotional Intelligence Is Important Than One Intelligence Essay example

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Emotional intelligence is more important than one intelligence to achieve in their life and career success. Our success and our profession today as an individual 's success depends on our ability to perceive emotion, to integrate it in thought and manage emotion in positive way. Emotional intelligence is critical to managing behaviour, moving smoothly through social situations and making critical choices in life. Emotion is typically happen to response an event which could be internal or external, positively or negatively evaluate the meaning for an individual. Conversely, (O’Neil 1996) defined emotional intelligence is being smart by doing thing in another way. In the other way, Emotional intelligence is also giving a person the competitive edge (Singh 2006 )

According to Dwyer (2013), emotional competence is the basis of emotional intelligence that divided into two categories, Personal Competence and Social Competence. Personal competence determine how they manage themself. These competence will be attributes several behaviours such as self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation. They could have ability to recognize our own emotions and their effects. They could have accurate self-assessment to knowing their strengths and limits well. Futhermore, these person have to manage one 's internal states, impulses and maintain their honesty and integrity. They are being taking responsibility for personal performance and being flexible in handling change. They…

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