Emotional Intelligence Has Been A Fascination For Many Cultures

1059 Words Sep 23rd, 2015 null Page
Measuring intelligence has been a fascination for many cultures for a long time. Intelligence, once was only measured by what a person knew or how a person could adeptly understand abstract concepts. Some cultures, book knowledge as it were became one of the only areas that allowed people to gain access to certain jobs. The Chinese had tests that basically placed people in government positions solely based on the performance on the tests themselves. Previously in Chinese culture it was who you knew and how a person could ingratiate themselves into high positions. Western culture, it seems has been a mixture of both, the latter is what is now seen as emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be described in certain ways as how people handle themselves emotionally in the social areas of life. Therefore, emotional intelligence has recently been an area of focus concerning academic success over that of cognitive ability in relation to how successful a child can be within the current education system (Al Said, 2014). A child can be cognitively capable of academic achievement but when they have emotional issues, it can hamper their ability to perform up to their cognitive ability academically. We live in a highly socialized construct so understandably it would seem to follow that having the ability to emotionally interact with others in a school setting can be a great asset to those who may not cognitively compare to their peers. Since those with a better emotional…

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