Emotional Intelligence And Personal Intelligence Essay

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to be manage your emotions as well as other 's emotions. Emotional intelligence requires certain skills such as having the ability to identify your emotions and other 's emotions, utilizing emotions to use it for problem solving and to be able to adjust emotions. In the textbook Manning,Ahearne & Reece (2011) explains that people who possess a high level of emotional intelligence have many qualities needed in sales such as being optimistic, having empathy, proper social skills, being about to adapt and much more.

The win-win approach to selling in my perspective is when both the buyer and the seller are satisfied with each other and have a mutual understanding of what they both receive. The win-win approach helps both buyer and seller be content with each other, strictly speaking that they have both won. In my opinion, this approach is essential when selling a product because you want that relationship with the buyer and you want to build a trust between you and the buyer. You want to make it so that the buyer can confide in you and that you are looking to assist the buyer to find the product that fits them the most instead of just looking for a sale.

The 4 communication styles are emotive, directive, reflective and supportive. There are 2 continuums related to the communication styles as well and they are dominance and sociability. Emotive style is when a person is not afraid to be social and not afraid to take charge when…

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