Essay on Emotional Intelligence And Mental Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is about how we manage our actions with both others and ourselves as a result of the emotions we feel. The whole premise is that we all feel an emotion as a result of an event or circumstance before we think about it. That is, we feel before we think.

Unfortunately, once we experience a feeling, we also tend to react in the form of an action before we actually think about them. This is basically doing without thinking as an automatic reaction. This can cause all sorts of sudden actions as a result of bad judgments because we haven 't allowed enough time to put in adequate thought first. These overreactions are often actions that we later regret. Many personal conflicts and wars have been started because of this type of overreaction, which is basically a lack of emotional intelligence.

This whole area of emotional intelligence has been a real exciting one in certain corporate circles because of the potential positive impact on company performance. Education on emotional intelligence is now part of many programs on training corporate leaders to become more effective. Because of the way emotional intelligence can play such a significant role in the way people work with one another and therefore affecting corporate profits, the business world jumped into this concept.

An individual with high emotional intelligence reacts after both feeling an emotion and thinking about an event. Others with less developed emotional intelligence would often react only…

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