Emotional Intelligence And Cognitive Intelligence Essay

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When trying to climb the corporate ladder, gain acceptance to social communities, or increase your rank in academic organizations one often hears the phrase: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” The implications of that statement are that one’s individual knowledge base isn’t solely enough to reach new levels of success. The notion that relationships and human relatability can potentially be more valuable than cognitive knowledge causes one to analyze the psychological definition of intelligence. When taking about intelligence one typically resorts to the concept of cognitive intelligence which is a general mental capability that is defined as comprehending complex ideas, critical thinking processes and deriving a solution to a problem. (Ceci 1996) However intelligence is incredibly multifaceted and must also be considered in terms of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence or EQ is the ability to understand and counsel one’s own and others’ feelings discriminately then use this information to guide one’s actions and thought processes (Mayer & Caruso 2008). Emotional Intelligence, according to highly regarded psychologist John D. Mayer and Peter Salovey can be explained in a four-branch model that necessitates the ability to perceive emotions internal and in others, allow emotions to garner thinking, understand emotional signaling and lastly, manage emotions in order to attain a goal. (Mayer & Salovey 1997) Analogous to cognitive intelligence, emotional…

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