Emotional : Emotional Well Being Essay

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#1: Emotional Well-Being Emotional well-being is a person’s ability to feel and express their emotions in a healthy and controlled manner (Seaward, 2015, pg. 22). One of my biggest struggles in life has been my ability to control my feelings. I tend to let my emotions control me rather than me control them. Coming into my relationship with my boyfriend three years ago, I was an emotional wreck. I had no idea how to handle my feelings for him so I fell into a habit of questioning our relationship day in and day out. I was constantly on his case about where he was, who he was with, where he was going and I always though he was cheating on me. Our relationship stopped being fun and became more stressful then anything. Things took a turn for the worst and we almost didn’t make it. It wasn’t until I started seeing his mom once a week for “girl talk” that things started to get better. One session she said something that I will never forget because it helped me get my emotions under control. “Your feelings are a physical reaction to a thought. If you focus on the negative you will think negative thoughts. Focus on the positive and you will always find the silver lining.” At the time this made no sense to me, now that I practice it on a daily basis I have a substantial understanding of what the message means. Keeping my thoughts on the positive rather than the negative will bring peace to my mind. This “tool” has really helped me become more emotionally stable in my relationship…

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