Divorced Families

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Emotional Impact on Children of Divorced Families
Although divorce is not uncommon in the United States, it still has a negative effect on adolescence. According to Taylor et at. (2011), “children from divorced families are at a higher risk for a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns” (p. 124). When divorce is caused by marital violence in the home, it can be detrimental to the child. Children suffer from depression and anger as a result of their parents divorcing. Children that undergo depression is a consequence of divorce in conflict ridden homes. Depression is a form of stress that can get worse if untreated, which causes psychological disorder that can last for a long time if not managed (Mahon, Yarcheski, & Yarcheski,
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They learn this behavior from the violence in the home caused by their parents. As Mahon, Yarcheski, and Yarcheski (2003) advised, “children learn scripts from parents; a script that reinforces the use of aggression to obtain what one wants” (p. 138). Children are more likely to be aggressive toward their spouse when they become adults (Lee, 2001). According to Pullen, Modrcin, McGuire, Lane, Kearnely and Engle (2015), “Violent behaviors occur on a continuum ranging from bullying and verbal abuse, by means of fighting, rape, homicide, and suicide” (p.135). Their anger escalated because their anger issues were not addressed. Furthermore, 66 (23%) youths had thoughts of committing suicide. There is a high risk of suicide in adolescence when they are mentally disturbed (Breton et al., …show more content…
Adolescence has a difficult time adjusting before and after their parents’ conflict-ridden divorce. According to Pullen et al. (2015), “The connection between anger and depression can be directed toward self so this may be present an increased risk of engaging in self-injurious behavior” (p. 137). When there is violence in the home it can be very traumatic to children. They attempt suicide or other behavioral issues like violence towards

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