Essay about Emotional Eating Is Considered A Nutritional Disorder

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This topic was chosen because many people do not realize that they could be diagnosed with emotional eating as a severe problem. Some may fail to realize that emotional eating is considered a nutritional disorder. The problem in today’s society, is that many individuals are uneducated about the major health risks they can cause themselves and how it could affect them long term. Some may feel that it is just temporary or just for the moment, but it is more to it than that. With things of this sort, they may not realize how bad it may have gotten, until it is too late to make a change before permanent problems began to occur. Therefore, this informative inquiry about emotional eating may be very beneficial to quite a few individuals about the pros and cons of how you let different events in your life affect your health.
Emotional eating can be defined as a way to help an individual cope with negative emotions, such as stress, anger, fear, boredom, sadness and loneliness or even as a way to help an individual with positive emotions such as celebrations and rejoice. “About 40% of people tend to eat more when stressed, while about 40% eat less and 20% experience no change in the amount of food they eat when exposed to stress” (Edwards, 1996). However, there was not any significant information given on exactly how many people in different regions are infected by emotional eating, but there is more information explaining how many individuals are overweight and how emotional eating…

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