Do Young Children Lives Matter Essay

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Do young children’s lives matter? What standards do we look upon to have a successful education? Our nation today stresses the importance of higher education. However, society is negligent to recognize the benefits of young children’s fundamental development in early childhood education, such as preschool. Young children between three to four years of age need the ability to build on physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.
These initial qualities of growth will assist young children to transition easily into kindergarten, as has been seen in certain states with broader access to early education. Most importantly, the first four years of life have a major impact on how their brain develops. These principles will allow young children
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Young students are slightly more mentally mature, students will acquire more academically such as: learning how to count to twenty, learning how to write their first and last name, problem-solving, knowing their shapes and colors with color mixing, matching patterns and pairs, learning how to recite the alphabets and write them, learning the calendar by days of the week, months and years, understanding the significance of the seasons, and expanding on the use of vocabulary. Furthermore, young students have the capability of speaking in complete sentences with the use of proper grammar. According to The American Prospect, by, Ross Thompson, identified, “All children are born ready to learn, both intellectually and socially. Even in infancy, children are active participants in their own developments, together with adults who care for them. The early years are period of considerable opportunity for growth and vulnerability to harm” (Thompson 2004). Young preschoolers reap the benefit in early education of endless learning and knowledge. By young students attending an early childhood program this will strengthen the ability to interact with other young students and work independently, beginning, to know the concept of learning through different phases of development, and prepare an easy transition to kindergarten and elementary

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