Emotional Development And Cognitive Development Essay

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At birth, infants lack many qualities that adults currently value such as, independence, quality vision, cognitive skills, etc. However, with time infants will grow up and obtain these development milestones. In this paper we will be focusing on cognitive and emotional development. Emotional development has several components, neural and physiological responses, desire to take action, feelings, etc. (Siegler, DeLoache, & Eisenberg, 2006). We will be discussing the outcomes of emotion understanding and how it can further impact the child. Cognitive development will be covered using Piaget’s Stage Theory defined as the idea that cognitive development occurs through stages, it is a fixed order (Siegler, DeLoache, & Eisenberg, 2006).
Emotional Development Emotional development is a crucial component of a child’s life. Many might tend to believe that infants are incapable of understanding emotions at such a young age but infants have the ability to do so. We will be focusing on emotional understanding in early child hood and the outcomes that come from obtaining this skill. I grew up with 3 older siblings, one older brother and two sisters. At a roughly young age my mother had to return back to work so my aunt was my main caregiver throughout the time my mother was at work. However, I was very attached not only to my mother and father but as well as my aunt. My entire family affected my upbringing and it is important to consider how relationships with your caregivers can…

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