Essay Emotional And Behavioral Disorders And Learning Disabilities

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The grade level of my students for this discussion is third grade.
Emotional and behavioral disorders are the inability to build or maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships with teachers and peers. Also, it includes inappropriate types of behavior or feelings under normal circumstances. A few strategies I would use in dealing with emotional and behavioral disorders would be to set up goals that promote positive social interaction and use seating arrangements that encourages student interaction. An accommodation I would use in my classroom to meet the needs of the students with this exceptionality is to include students with emotional and behavior disorders in the planning process so the students can visualize and voice their goals.
Learning disabilities include problems with processing, writing, reading, speaking, and memorizing information. A good classroom strategy is to make sure students see the “big picture” before they try to learn the more detailed information. An accommodation I would use in my classroom for students with a learning disability, is making everything visual. I would use graphic organizers, charts, graphs, timelines, and any other tool that condenses lots of words into a few pictures and graphs.
As the teacher of a student with a disability, I would protect their legal rights against discrimination by sighting Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended 29 U. S. C. 794 (Section 504). Section 504 is a federal law…

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