Essay about Emotion (Theory of Knowledge)

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[Emotion] has the advantage of being open to all, the weak and the lowly, the illiterate and the scholar. It is seen to be as efficacious as any other method and is sometimes said to be stronger than the others, since it is its own fruition, while other methods are means to some other ends.

I questioned this statement in regards to the ‘it is its own fruition’ part. I interpreted this part to mean that emotion can just be emotion. It does not lead anywhere, to another answer like reasoning something out would. For example, in math I use reason to figure problems out while, as I understand this statement, when I feel happy, I just stay that way because emotion is its own end result. I don’t agree with this idea. Emotion is not its own
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I have an emotional response to his disappointment that leads to guilt and regret (from him as well as my mother as she pays for my lessons) so my emotion drives me to practice longer. The statement ‘it is its own fruition’ seems to be that emotion is just emotion – not a destination to another answer. Even if I didn’t practice more, which I don’t know if I could do because I hate his disappointment, I would actively make the choice to not work harder using other emotional responses such as defiance or stubbornness. Another example of emotions leading to decisions is Dean Kamen, an inventer and the founder of FIRST which stands for for the inspiration of science and technology – it’s a robotics competition. He may not be well known, but he invented the insulin pump as well as the segway and many other common items. I heard him speak this year at the Wisconsin Robotics Regional and he talked about why he started FIRST. He said he was worried about the world’s future and the environment, so he created this organization to get kids involved in science and technology. His emotion of worry led him to found this organization that has taught millions of people worldwide about sciences. A counter claim would be that emotions do not have to be acted upon. During Memorial Day weekend, I was not rushed into doing lots of homework like I usually am so I had time to do what I liked to do. I was very

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