Emotion Reflection

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I attended the tutorial workshop on the topic of emotion as part of the organisational behavior course. The workshop started with a brief introduction by the tutor and then we were arranged us into groups and given task about emotion. After the discussion, we are required to present the ideas that we have. This week we were asked to create a role play that involved emotion.

Before we attended the tutorial workshop, we were asked to watch a TV episode and comment the emotions that have happened in the show. I have picked up the TV programme that I have watched recently, which is ‘Suits’ Season 5. ‘Suits’ is a drama that is involved different lawyers in the organisation, what they are currently struggling with and their conflicts
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Emotion is a hypothetical construct, which it not directly observable, but it is inferred from different interaction (Scherer, 1996). In addition, it also indicates what kind of emotions can be occurred in organisation.

We have divided into different groups and were asked to create a role play. The role play was required to include the emotions into it and explain it further after the role play. We have picked the scene, which is a café. There are two customers who were ordering drinks. The waiter was trying his very best to listen when they ordered and really would like to make sure the orders were correct. After prepared the drinks and the waiter has started serving the drink. One of the customers is complaining that she did not order it and requested to see the manager of the café. After that, the manager apologised to the customers and promised the drinks will serve under the house and will personally serve them the right drink. In the scenario, the customer who is requesting to see the manager is definitely not in the mood and feel really angry on the waiter is not able to serve the right things. The waiter will probably feel annoyed and have a chance to become emotional labour. Emotional labour is conform to prescribed emotional expression while working with customers (Sandiford, 2011). In the service industry, people are interacted with the others but not machine (Wharton,
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They are usually putting pressure by the management group and also their clients among various things. They will have some emotional feeling for most of the time and are required to control it. They will require to wear a ‘mask’ every day when they are going to work. Since they are having long working hours, it is harder for them to get their emotional control. Usually they will try to chill out a bit while having dinner or even talk to their fellow associates about the problems that they are currently facing. They always can hide their emotion, present professionally in front of the managers and also the clients, no matter how bad they

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