Emotion And The Body And Vice Essay examples

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In psychology, emotion is generally described as a process that involves interaction between cognition and physiology, meaning the mind influences the body and vice versa. Emotion involves bodily (physiological) changes and on the mental side a state of excitement or perturbation marked by a strong feeling. The basic emotions concept includes the notion that emotions forms independent and integral wholes in which various components, (E.g. experience, facial expressions and physiological response) are closely linked together. (Mooij, 2004).
This essay seeks to explore what is known about the psychological process (Emotion), the nature and principles and how marketers incorporate this into their marketing campaigns for effective communication and reach. It further addresses the role emotion plays in consumer buying behaviour with critical analysis of the key theoretical concepts, managerial implications and applications supported by research from academic journal articles. Emotion is a complex psychological phenomenon that co-ordinate feeling, arousal, purpose and expression in order for an individual to adapt to the opportunities and challenges of life. It is an intense feeling that is directed at someone or something. (Reeve, 2009)
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