Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, And Become, By Barbara Fredrickson

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At the Table with 2.0 Selflessness Humans have always strived to find true happiness. Countless people spend their whole life searching for it and many come back empty handed. In Barbara Fredrickson’s “Selections from Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become” she claims to have discovered the method to achieve happiness. Fredrickson argues that in order for one to be blissful, one has to surround themselves with positive emotions and practice love. In doing so one will ultimately become connected with the world around them, which is how Fredrickson articulates love is achieved. In Robert Thurman’s “Wisdom” he explains that happiness can be achieved by one being completely selfless. Even though both authors’ methods to achieve happiness are different, they however do believe that our body is forever changing. Despite the views of both authors, opening one to their interpretations of happiness doesn’t always mean one can be happy, rather it can open a doorway to pain. In Wisdom we observe the …show more content…
Love is a dangerous emotion to be practicing, take for instance a monogamous relationship. In the beginning of any new relationship things are always in sync and the amount of joy expressed by both parties are limitless. Both partners try their best to make the other content, but through time these attempts of trying to please the other fades away. This causes many couples to break up or even divorce, this collapse of love in one’s life causes many to suffer greatly. Love isn’t something that one should be practicing to everyone, many people are deceitful and don’t care about anyone but themselves. Giving somebody love and trust can result in getting hurt and feeling alone rather than achieving happiness. Happiness like any other emotion is temporary, therefore coming up with a formula to achieve it is

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