Essay on Emory University 's University Hospital

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Emory University Hospital in the Top 100

There are numerous factors that contribute for a hospital to be on the top 100 list. These factors include the quality of care, their culture, patient safety and hospital reputation. I chose Emory University Hospital from the list provided because I live in Atlanta and I have visited Emory hospital. I think Emory University made it to top 100 hospitals because of the quality and diversity of service as well as their ground breaking research Emory is able to provide to the community.
Emory university hospital is a nonprofit organization which is operated by Emory healthcare system. It is a general medical and surgical hospital. Emory university hospital started as Wesely memorial hospital in 1904 with 50 beds. It was housed in the downtown Atlanta mansion that was spared from destruction during the civil war. By 1922, hospital had grown too large for the mansion. Hospital was moved to DeKalb county site where Emory university campus is located with new 275 bed facilities. In the mid- 1930s, it was changed into Emory university hospital. According to Emory hospital website, Emory University Hospital is staffed by 600 Emory medical faculty and 800 community physicians and serves 23,205 inpatients and 143,961 outpatients each year. Emory’s mission statement is “To Serve Humanity by Improving Health through the integration of education, discovery and health care” (Emory Healthcare, 2015). Emory is known for providing the best care to…

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