Emory University Hospital Case Study

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Emory University Hospital in the Top 100

There are numerous factors that contribute for a hospital to be on the top 100 list. These factors include the quality of care, their culture, patient safety and hospital reputation. I chose Emory University Hospital from the list provided because I live in Atlanta and I have visited Emory hospital. I think Emory University made it to top 100 hospitals because of the quality and diversity of service as well as their ground breaking research Emory is able to provide to the community.
Emory university hospital is a nonprofit organization which is operated by Emory healthcare system. It is a general medical and surgical hospital. Emory university hospital started as Wesely memorial hospital in 1904
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The National Research Corporation (NRC) Consumers Choice Awards has recognized Emory as one of the top hospitals for the 13th straight year. Emory also received the “America’s Best Hospitals” rating from U.S. News & World Report in eleven of seventeen specialties in 2014-15. Some of the specialties among seventeen were “heart surgery, ophthalmology, psychiatry, kidney disorders, and neurology and neurosurgery” (Emory Healthcare, 2015). Emory is also world famous for the cancer treatment. It is the only first cancer treatment center in the world which can treat the tumors of pin size. Emory is the only hospital in DeKalb who can perform angioplasty, procedure used to open blocked or narrowed coronary (heart) arteries. Emory has the only islet cell transplant program in the Georgia and also one of five in the entire United States. Emory University Hospital is the member of the Emory Health Care System that includes thirty -eight specialties. The other associations of the Emory health Care system includes Emory Heart Center, Emory Clinic, Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital, Emory Children’s Center, The Winship Cancer Institute and the Robert Woodruff Health Sciences Center which supervises the Emory University. They are also responsible for the research, preventions, and

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