Essay Emmett Till 's Death And The Civil Rights Movement

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Emmett Till’s death was one of the most fundamental and tragic events in American history. Many believe it even helped jumpstart the civil rights movement. In 1955, Emmett Till, a 14-year-old boy, was brutally beaten to death after being accused of whistling and flirting with a white woman. Till’s beaten and consequently unrecognizable face flooded media networks. The whole world was able to see the consequences of racial brutality and racism in America. This video informs the public about Till’s tragic death and shows how vital the role of the media is in the fight against racial brutality.
One of the subjects of this video and article is Emmett Till’s death and trial. Fourteen-year-old Till was visiting relatives in Mississippi when the supposed encounter between him and a white woman occurred: “…. he stopped at Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market. There he encountered Carolyn Bryant, a white woman. Whether Till really flirted with Bryant or whistled at her isn’t known.” (Time). Because of the time period, engaging in conversation or interacting with a white woman was seen as socially unacceptable. Consequently, four days later Emmett Till was killed: “Bryant’s husband Roy and his half-brother, J.W. Milam, seized the 14-year-old from his great-uncle’s house. The pair then beat Till, shot him, and strung barbed wire and a 75-pound metal fan around his neck and dumped the lifeless body in the Tallahatchie River.” (Time). The pictures from the trial show the white men’s…

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