Emirates Essay

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Spearheaded by one of the most admired and innovative airlines in the world, the Emirates Group is a dynamic travel and tourism operation with a global reputation for excellence spanning every aspect of the industry. Emirates would like to extend the same warm welcome that our cabin crew are famous for as you explore their Company and learn about the Vision & Values which make Our Brands the best in the business.

Question 1
Nowadays, Emirate is a major player in the globalairline industry. Emirate always focuses on quality rather than quantity. Emirate always take the first step to develop the new technology so Emirate have a leased boeing 737 and airbus 300B4, Emirate has never less than 20% annual growth. That
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And then Emirates establish a Emirate air-line foundation which seeks to improve the quality of the life of children ,regardless of their culture,religion ,geographic location or political boundaries . Emirates always appeal the passengers and the partners to donate money ,goods and materials to the foundation, Those foundation can help Emirate to change the image .Emirate are not only the business conpany, but also Emirate is a charity ,those activities can help Emirate to creat a positive brand image to attract the current and the potential customers.

With the technological developemnt,the interactive media play a important role today, interactive media allows coummnications on a two ways form instead of one way communicaion such as advertising, Emirates also use the new communication tools to introduce their products. Emirates has an officail retail web site form,it can let the customers can search the products or Emirates related merchandise easily. This method is convenient for all of people and provide a new ways to the potetial customers to search Emirates products.

Last, Emirates build a positive brand image in the environmental protection. Nowadays, environmental protection is a important topic around the world, everyone advocate to pretect the

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