Eminem : Success And Controversy Essay

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Eminem: Success and Controversy Music has been a vital part of my life. Since I was in elementary school I can remember hanging out in the garage watching my dad work on his car blasting rock music. Now every time I hear Guns n Roses, “Welcome to the Jungle,” it brings me back to those days in the garage with my dad. Music leaves a lasting impact and one artist that has had a great impact on my life is Eminem. Eminem has had much success as an artist not only in music, but on the big screen too. He came into the spotlight in 1998 and since then has set records on sales and awards. His success and music has had a positive affect throughout my life, giving me the confidence needed to become a DJ. Eminem’s stardom didn’t come without any controversy. His lyrics are brash and offensive causing mass protests during his concerts. His affect on society could be remembered as positive or negative depending on your opinion on him. No matter how you view him, Eminem was a very successful rapper. Eminem started his music career in 1996 when he released his independent album, Infinite. He made the decision to pursue music full time after the birth of his little girl, Hallie Jade Scott. In 1997, he traveled to LA to attend the Rap Olympics Rap Battle and finished 2nd overall. However, despite not winning, he impressed many people and his demo tape made its rounds across several different record companies eventually landing in the arms of Interscope Records CEO, Jimmy Iovine. Iovine…

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