Station Eleven Dystopian

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Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven highlights the importance of art in a world that needs more than survival through connections of modern society to a fictional post-apocalyptic society. In addition, Mandel uses the post-apocalyptic genre convention of dystopian society to emphasize the importance of art for people in a chaotic world dealing with hardships. With the publication of this novel being significantly recent, Mandel tries to appeal to an audience living in a time that is dominated by modern technology, and urges her readers to not take art for granted and put great on value the importance of art for humans.
To begin, Mandel follows the post-apocalyptic genre’s guidelines to strongly convey her message regarding the importance
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In Station Eleven, the Traveling Symphony is a group focused performing classic Shakespearean literature, and classic music. The group consists of survivors of the pandemic, and are now using art to relate back to the world that was left behind by the flu. Mandel uses The Traveling Symphony‘s motto of “survival is insufficient” (Mandel 58) to emphasize the idea that at the end of days, survival is only one part of the formula to live in a damaged world. As for the Traveling Symphony, they perform pieces of art to have a purpose in an environment that is redefining itself. The symphony uses art “to distract themselves from their terrible fear” (121) of an unpredictable world. In addition, Mandel discusses the way the Traveling Symphony thinks “that what they are doing is noble” (121), and talking about the importance of art makes the Symphony “find it easier to sleep at night” (121). It is evident how Mandel uses the Traveling Symphony to show the value of art for years after the fall of the technological era. Mandel uses a dystopian society in the novel to create strong pathos to her audience in using fear to proclaim the importance of art in keeping people entertained and sane in a world that can potentially lose its ability to sustain technology due to a pandemic like in the novel. The fear Mandel generates …show more content…
As most characters in the novel, Clark has interest of art pieces, and uses this interest for his sanity living in Severn City Airport in the post-collapse period. Clark uses art to reestablish a civilization in a world where former civilization is destroyed. Clark represents the person Mandel wants her audience to look up to. Clark’s presence late in the novel, is usually accompanied by the typical mistakes people make in a post-apocalyptic

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