Emily Grierson 's ' A Rose For Emily ' Essay

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Emily Grierson in “A Rose for Emily” is a complicated character her actions in the story are not those of a good person, however she is somewhat of a sympathetic character. The reader could even view Emily as a victim of sorts. The story goes in to detail about Emily’s relationship with Homer Barron as well as her father. As the reader learns more about Emily they learn she has for the most part been isolated her entire life and because of that she has no real understanding about society or other people. This is reflected in her relationship with Homer. She is obsessed with Homer and cannot accept any sort of rejection from him. The reader learns that Emily does not really accept reality as she tells people her father is not dead after he dies. “She told them her father was not dead. She did this for three days” (Faulkner 123). Emily had been isolated from society and coddled by her father for her entire life and expects things to be the way she wants them so she has trouble accepting rejection from Homer and her father’s death. Although the actions Emily takes are not those of a sympathetic character the reader almost feels sorry for her as she does not really seem to understand reality. Emily lacks an understanding for reality and cannot understand society, but that is not her fault. All the problems that Emily has comes from the way her father raised her. Emily can be viewed by the reader as sympathetic as she does not really know any better. The way her father raised…

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