Emily Grierson Character Analysis

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What factors shaped (or warped) Emily Grierson's personality? Brainstorm a list of as many as you can think of; then pick out the five most influential forces and discuss them.

Emily’s father played a very influential role in her child hood. Since her mother passed away he raised her. Being raised by a single parent can be hard on any child especially a child during this time with the stereotypical American family idea being forced upon everyone. Being an only parent, he was very strict. Not only was he strict about what she did, he was very on who she associated with. It seemed as though no man could ever be good enough for his dearest Emily. He would drive men off with whips, and never let her get close to any man.
While being so controlling over her life, her father was sheltering her. It was almost as if he was protecting her from reality while creating a false reality for them to live in with no one else to invade their bond. The death of her father was the start of her necrophilia. She was afraid to let go of the only man she ever knew, so she kept him in her house, after he was deceased.
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While growing up she was part of the prestige Jefferson County. She lived in a grand house with servants and such. But, as the towns folk moved on to bigger and better things, Miss Emily was left behind. As the town moved on to paved sidewalks and new estates, Emily was still living in her ancient home, that was falling apart. The towns’ people felt her to be a tradition more then an actual person and they always thought they had the duty to be tolerant of her. Since she was separated from the town, she grew afraid of attachment, due to the fear of being

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