Emily Dickinson's Poems

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Emily Dickinson’s Poems Analysis How does it feel to have your eye put out? How does it feel to accustomed to darkness due to eyesight? Emily dickinson was not explicit on why these poems dealt with loss of eyesight. Maybe loss of eyesight is death or maybe the loss of eyesight is the feeling of loss for someone you love. Nobody really knows…. what is this darkness and what is this eyesight of Dickinson's point of view in an unique manner.

The poem “Before I got my eye put out” speaks on how life was and how she wanted to keep living but death came by the end of the poem. She mentioned “creatures” which is representing the people who actually have that opportunity to have eyes to see and or experience life. In her first stanza she states “ Before I got my eyes put out I liked as well to see as other creatures that have eyes”. This means that before death got to her and took her eyesight away she got to see as much as other people (“creatures”); But she wishes to keep seeing and living as well as those people (“creatures”). Sight is shown but it's represented with an
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They both end on talking about death and how their sight is taken away from that point on. In “We grow accustomed to the dark” the speaker states “Life steps almost straight”. This means that in the poem there wasn't efficient use of sight because of death and because of darkness in life. In “Before I got my eye put out” the speakers states “ So safer guess with just my soul , open the window pane”. This meaning that soul is taken away by death but peaceful and window pane may represent the coffin. One poem relates more on darkness throughout life to death and the other relates on how they wanted to keep living but life is life and they enjoyed while they were alive. Both poems have their different perspective on how sight is used in an implicit

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